Case Studies

In working with various types of clients on different types of engagements, there are similar business problems encountered along the way.

Listed here are a couple of examples of the types of services that RAIS can provide to your organization along with some key findings and facts acquired during the engagements.

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Custom Training Program

Business Problem: No cohesive approach to the way that Project Management software was being used or taught to new employees at an 800+ person construction company. The PM software was main key business application. No central resource for questions regarding application and lack of knowledge in IT group. Questions going to power users which then takes time away from their jobs.

Solution: Development of core training classes - breaking out by business function (est, pm, cost, etc). Development of consistent training delivery methods/materials. Successfully incorporated classes into a yearly training program. Encouraged consistent usage of program which was successfully adopted and mandated by executive leaders. Established ongoing steering committees to continually review software, plan how to implement new business rules, raise questions, etc.

Results: Knowledgeable users who are able to perform their daily tasks efficiently and also serve as points of contact for other, newer users

Lessons Learned: Use communication to establish a curriculum. Require core classes to ensure proper training from the beginning. Allow for specicialized areas of training for other non-traditional users. Involve key stakeholders! Keep the momentum!

CRM Implementation

Business Problem: Mid-sized organization needed a better way tie our marketing, business development and operations teams together allowing them to work off the same information. The company had grown to the point where sharing client and project info across business units was unmanageable and data was being lost due to lack of standards/consistency; inefficiency due to duplication of effort; sharing of info and presenting a united/unified front.

A key challenge - 3 distinct business units and separate internal operations groups in three different physical locations. All with different needs, different business practices and styles - while on the flip side, the units shared similar business contacts.

Solution: Implement a CRM solution previously purchased - now customized to fit the needs of each group. Integrated the CRM solution with other key business applications to remove alot of the the previous pain points (duplication, etc.). Automated tasks for efficiency and data integrity.

Lessons Learned: Phased implementation was key! Have a business champion for the project and Involve stakeholders early and often. Integrate as much as possible with other key business applications. Stress the business needs when stumbling blocks present themselves. Create accountability with reporting. Executive level support is crucial! Revaluate processes!

*An unintended benefit - this process forced each of the business groups to hone-in and refine on their BD processes. This made each group more efficient overall!

Document Management System Implemenation

Business Problem: Small manufacturing company lacks a central repository for projects and manufacturing documentation. This results in duplication of efforts and in some cases, data discrepencies. Executives want to get a system in place as quickly as possible.

Solution: In a coordinated effort with key stakeholders from client organiztion, identify vital business documents and processes to focus on coordinating a structure. Encouraged regularly scheduled meetings for internal committee to verify work being done and discuss any potential project hurdles.

Results: Redeisgned, streamlined folder structure

Creation of meaningful metadata ‘tags’ to enable powerful search capabilites

Development of multiple electronic workflows, eliminating paper processes

Completed end-training for all general users and adminstrators

Successful deployment of Document Management System

Lessons Learned: Everyone is resistant to change, even those executives that back projects requiring just that. Make sure your efforts have an internal champion, the implementation of any new system needs the internal support. Regular meetings with key stakeholders ensure this internal participation and can be the determining factor in the success of the project.

Custom Training